Langrenus moon craterThe week of June 3-9 takes us from Day 26 to Day 3. This week we will highlight the moon crater Langrenus, viewable close to the terminator on Sunday evening, June 9, Day 3 and located in the SE quadrant of the Field Map at K16.

Langrenus and Vendelinus are two large 90-mi. moon craters located on the southeast shore of Fertility. One is considerably older than the other and appeared before the lava flows started.


On Tuesday, Mercury is 0.1° south of Jupiter (use binocs and/or telescopes).

Field Map of the Moon, the very finest Moon map available for use at the telescope. It is available for $10.95 at and on Amazon. All features mentioned in this blog will be keyed to the grid on the Field Map and will look like this: Plato: [NW/D9]

Courtesy of Gray Photography of Corpus Christi, Texas
Lunar photos: NASA / USGS / BMDO / LROC / ASU / DLR / LOLA / Moon Globe. Used by permission

Andrew Planck
Moon Crater Langrenus

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