If you want to explore the moon, Andrew can work with you as a personal guide one-on-one; work with groups or he can speak to your club, group or organization on What’s Hot on the Moon Tonight?

horsehead nebulaeAndrew has presented astronomy programs to groups of all sizes and ages. From spending a night with two interested star gazers to regaling an astronomy club with professional astronomers, Andrew has fascinating presentations with the addition of unusual musical twists. He takes you on trips through interstellar space, not just showing you:

  • nebulas
  • open clusters
  • globular clusters
  • comets
  • planets

but gives you an understanding of how these things came to be.

Andrew has at his fingertips an array of six different telescopes, ranging from a 16 mm Tasco to a 14 1/2 inch Dobsonian, including a solar scope able to view sun spots and solar flares.

If you live within driving distance of Boulder, Colorado, Andrew is available on request for private “Star Parties” for a pre-arranged fee. He can set up his telescopes anywhere, but dark skies away from city lights are preferred and offer many more viewable objects.

Andrew is available on request for a pre-arranged fee. Contact him now for the following events/services:

Personal Guided Tour
Group Tour
Speaking to Groups



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