Burg Moon CraterThe week of June 26-July 2 takes us from Lunar Day 3 to Day 9. This week we will highlight the crater Bürg, viewable on Thursday evening. (This information was posted on the blog for 5/15/17, but because the Moon was viewable only in the early morning, we are repeating it.)

Burg Moon Crater and Mare SerenitatisBürg: [NE/E12] The centerpiece of Lacus Mortis (the charmingly named Lake of Death in the NE quadrant) is the 25-mile crater Bürg, a complex crater with terraces and a central mountain peak that appears to be split in two. As far as complex craters go, Bürg is a bit unusual. Instead of being mostly circular, the rim is scalloped and wavy and there is an inordinate amount of slumping on the western interior slopes; a finger of the slumping actually touches the central mountain peak! Some observers have reported a small summit pit on the top of the central mountain; can you make it out?


It is highly recommended that you get a copy of Sky and Telescope’s Field Map of the Moon, the very finest Moon map available for use at the telescope. It is available for $10.95 at www.skyandtelescope.com and on Amazon. All features mentioned in this blog will be keyed to the grid on the Field Map and will look like this: Plato: [NW/D9]

Courtesy of Gray Photography of Corpus Christi, Texas
Lunar photos: NASA / USGS / BMDO / LROC / ASU / DLR / LOLA / Moon Globe. Used by permission

Andrew Planck

Andrew Planck

Author and Astronomer Andrew Planck shepherds you to the moon and its mysteries of intrigue and surprise. Learn about the moon’s most fascinating objects, understand how the moon was formed and the names of many of the craters … and why they honor individuals who have changed the course of history.
Andrew Planck
Centerpiece of Lake of Death: Moon Crater Burg

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